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Welcome to Nikki's Great Gear

Quite apart from having the best selection of Quality Used New Rock boots in the UK,

WE ARE AVID SUPPORTERS OF THE GET BRITAIN OUT CAMPAIGN, so print & sell a range of associated goodies to help promote it.  If you want to re-sell them to get the message across,

Email for quantity discount and join the revolution!

For a short time we are running FREE POSTAGE TO MAINLAND UK on everything.

Quite a lot of custom made stickers and other....hey JUST GO TAKE A LOOK AROUND BEFORE I GET TYPERS CRAMP LISTING IT ALL HERE. grin

Grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy the site!  (You'll have a ball in the sticker and T shirt sections)

Please let me know if you have any problems with anything on the site, or need any help by emailing me

Nikki's Great Gear


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